Exclusive Schools at MUST University

Unity in Diversity makes MUST University - 6 Exclusive schools of study at MUST University for students having specialized requirements


“The only thing constant in life is change” - Francois de la Rochefoucauld

MUST University's motto is to continuously change and evolve with the changing times. The requirements and priorities of employers around the globe are fast changing; they expect their employees to be highly talented and expert in their specific fields. MUST University is the only accredited online university with 6 exclusive schools that truly understands the particular requirements of today's employer and offers courses and study programs that will help you move up in your career ladder. .

Exclusive Schools at MUST
The perception that online universities do not offer specialized education does not hold true anymore, as MUST University offers 6 exclusive schools of study in the following fields:

MUST's exclusive school of engineering offers degree, diploma and certification programs in 5 different majors in the field of Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering. These programs train the students for entry level engineering positions, in addition they also offer specialized advance level courses in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

A degree from MUST University will help successful candidates get employment with open environmental-based organizations, infrastructure development firms for civil engineers, nuclear power plants, and industrial and chemical companies.

Occupational Safety and Fire Sciences
The curriculum for Occupational Safety is designed according to the requirements of the industry. It trains students in Risk Management, Ergonomics (general and Industrial), Basics of Human Anatomy, etc.
For giving in-depth knowledge to students, the curriculum of Fire Sciences is designed along the lines of Fire Investigation, Fire Hydraulics, Risk Management and Safety and specialized areas like Fire Prevention etc.

Social Sciences
Exclusive school for social sciences in MUST University covers the subject matter like other offline schools do. A web-based platform is provided for taking assignments, quizzes in the following subjects: English, Mass communication, History, Sociology and Journalism. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, approximately 41 % of social scientists worked for federal, state and local governments.

Applied and Performing Arts
Students of Applied and Performing Arts no longer need to travel long distances to attend classes or visit trainers or artists to seek guidance. They can get the same specialized training and expert advice by enrolling in MUST exclusive schools for Applied Arts and Performing Arts. The course covers the following programs: interior design, architecture design for building and construction, visual communication studies for a career in art galleries, museum, painting, and music production and composition, broadcasting, advertising, etc

Natural Sciences
MUST School of Natural Sciences offers authentic degrees in the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry and earth sciences, etc. This degree enables students to make their career in research, environmental management, health care services and teaching and offers the same quality, flexibility and ease like any other program at MUST.


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    Exclusive Schools at MUST University

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