3 Ways to Demonstrate Your Value in a Job Search

When it comes to expressing your value as a potential employee for a particular job, there is no other tool that does it better than a resume. A resume provides the hiring manager with a snapshot of all the things he/she needs to know; what you did, where you worked and what things you may have done in the past that made a
difference. Apart from playing an integral role during the recruitment process, resumes have a place in the job search process as well. Good resumes help hiring managers remember you after an interview and pass you along to another lucrative job offer....
The Iron Lady – Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of England from 1979 to 1990,
recently passed...
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John Smith’s Grand National at Aintree
This month marks the opening of three of the biggest days in the British sporting and ...
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Online Education is MUST University
Previously, my opinion regarding online education was not very positive. I used to...
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Q. I was never much of a planner which is why I have almost always had trouble setting goals for myself. I always start out...

A.For a student, setting goals (and sticking to them) is one of the most hardest and challenging things to do amidst so many other, more pressing tasks that require their equal attention...

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Some of us think that a resume and a LinkedIn account are enough when it comes to demonstrating our value to future employers. Our cover story for this month outlines several other, more impactful, ways through which you can demonstrate your true value towards hiring managers. By adopting these habits, you can be sure to make yourself more visible in the eyes of potential employers. Our Person in Focus this month is the late Margaret Thatcher. Read about her accomplishments and the role she played in bringing Britain to where it is today.

In World Events, we take a look at the John Smith's Grand National Horseracing event at the Aintree whereas in Testimonials, a student talks of her drastic change in perspective towards the validity of online education.

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