Wondering why you never receive a phone call for a job interview? Maybe your resume fails to make an impression on the employer/recruiter. Most job applicants make very common blunders that force the employer to toss their resume out the window. Here are the top five reasons why your resume is never read.

Your resume has 20-30 seconds to make an impression on the reader. If it fails to do so, then you probably need to work on it. Work hard on the layout and overall presentation of your resume as it creates the first impression on the reader. The layout of your resume is as important as the content itself.

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Editor's desk

Ever wonder why that company you applied to never called back? The problem could be with your resume. Numerous candidates holding excellent credentials end up losing out on great job opportunities, simply because their resume wasn't up to the mark. This month's cover story, '5 Reasons Why Your Resume is Never Read', talks about the common mistakes made while drafting a resume and how you can avoid them.
As part of our celebration for Women's Equality Day, this month, we put the spotlight on former First Lady and current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Ranked as the second most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine, Hillary Clinton has paved the way for the socio-economic development and the fulfillment of rights of women in America. Find out more about her many achievements in our Person in Focus.

We hope you will this month's edition interesting and highly informative.

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