CEO in the Making: Get the CEO Mindset

So, we all know the traits a successful CEO should possess: excellent leadership skills, dedication, honesty, creativity and confidence. But just because you’re not yet a CEO doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the CEO mindset. According to Jeffrey Fox and Robert Reiss, authors of ‘The Transformative CEO: Impact Lessons from Industry Game Changers’, it doesn’t matter if
you’ve just moved into your new cubicle or whether you’re looking forward to claim the corner office, you can start making the impossible happen right now. Taking insight from the most ambitious, talented and successful CEOs of our time...
Vice President Joe Biden:
Vice President Joe Biden has come to represent the majority of American households existing...
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The 85th Academy Awards:
It’s that time of the year again. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and highly acclaimed...
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MUST University Helped Me Turn My Life Around:
Being a single mom and bringing up two young children is quite...
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Q. I have graduated with honors in the field of computer science and have just recently applied to a leading software company for a job...

A. Your situation, though frustrating, is not uncommon. There are many employers who face the same dilemma of having to choose between two job offers from...

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Having leadership qualities is definitely a plus. However, it is not necessary for one to be at the managerial layer to develop and exhibit leadership skills; nowadays, the need to lead, take charge and motivate is encouraged at all levels in an organization. Find out how you can inculcate such leadership skills with our Cover Story, ‘CEO in the Making – Get the CEO Mindset’. Re-elected for a second term alongside President Obama, Joe Biden has been known to act for the benefit of the American people; learn more about him in our Person in Focus. By the end of this month, we shall get to witness the much-hyped 85th Academy Awards. Get the inside scoop on your favorite celebrities and films in our World Events

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