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Career coaching is a relatively new concept which has become extremely popular in recent years. It is all about training individuals for certain skills so as to prepare them to get better jobs and improve their career prospects.

Though some people tend to improve their learning on their own, others do need a career coach who helps them learn new skills and better their chances of professional growth. To know if you are the one who does need a career coach, review the following key questions.

Do you think that you get overlooked for the
jobs for which you are qualified?
Do you fail to make an impression in an
Do you find it difficult to talk about your past
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Larry Page and Google’s Success
Larry Page- -best known as the co-founder of Google more than 200...
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National Basketball Association (NBA)
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the top men's...
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MUST has done wonders to my career
Military veterans looking for a greate college
education ...
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No Time To Enhance Education
Hi. I have been working at a marketing agency for the last 5 years. I want to enhance my knowledge and learn new skills to enjoy an edge over my ...
Difficulty In Selectinga Suitable
Field of Study
Hi. I’m a military official and now want to start my civilian life. Although I possess an associate’s degree in Project Management, I know that this alone cannot help...

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Editor’s desk
Dear Readers,

We all have someone to look forward to, one who’s a source of inspiration and a role model, such as a loving parent, a kind teacher or even a nice, sincere friend. A career coach is a person who is a guiding light for a lot of students poised to embark on a professional life. Our Cover Story sheds light on the significance of a career coach for a student ready to enter the professional world.

The “Person In Focus” this month is Larry Page. Find out about this genius entrepreneur and how, under his leadership, Google has become the number one company to work for.

We hope you will find this new edition interesting and informative.

Happy reading!
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