Surviving Office Politics in the Modern Workplace

Hate it or love it – office politics is a known fact and a pervasive part of any organization. In its simplest form the differences in opinion and conflicts of interest between people at work is often manifested as office politics. It is pretty easy to get wrapped up in it, especially
when you have so many people working together their ideas and personalities are bound to clash. And while some consider office politics as a taboo, mainly due to the negative connotation attached with the term, the fact is that it all goes down to basic communications and human relationships.
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Q. I just received a negative performance review from my manager. I was under the impression that my work had been above par in my first six months at my job as a consultant at a medical gadgets company. Handling criticism is not a....

A. Feedback should always be taken as an opportunity for development rather than as a personal affront. Clearly the quality of your work is not in question instead, your performance review focused on

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Have you heard the expression, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’? This month we investigate the taboo of office politics. Our cover story offers an in-depth analysis of office politics and how you can wisely tread in the professional world without compromising others in the process. Negative or positive – office politics happens! There is no avoiding it and we will show you how using its powers positively can defuse the efforts of those who abuse it.

Our Person in Focus this month is the inspirational Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker who didn’t let his disabilities stop him from living his life and inspiring millions around the world. Read his thought provoking story and learn how to face your fears. In World Events this month we are going to Tate Modern Britain where dozens of unseen works of the much-loved British painter L.S. Lowry are being exhibited. So come along on an exciting journey with us!

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