7 Effective Habits of Happy Employees

If you find yourself loving the weekends more and dreading to go to work every Monday, you are probably not enjoying your job as much as you should be. But hold up and don’t go looking for the exit ramp just yet. Generally it’s quite normal to feel apprehensive
at the start of a work week; it’s something
almost all working adults go through. However
if you find that you still lack motivation and that
every week takes its toll on you, then you just
need a few morale boosting tips to help you
reignite the positive flame....
The Transformational Sorceress – Liz Murray:
Elizabeth Murray, an American motivational speaker and ther...
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Cannes International
Film Festival:
It’s that time of the year again. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and highly acclaimed...
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MUST Redefined My Learning Experience:
Before joining MUST University, the closest I had ever come...
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Q. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree and have been applying for jobs. A lot of my friends who have recently given interviews...

A. Generally when an interviewer asks you this question, what he really wants to know is how this job will fit into your long term plan or where do you see your career going . Employers just want a better understanding of your overall goals and see whether you are actually excited about this job or if you have just randomly applied because you were unable to get a job anywhere else...

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Do you suffer from Monday morning blues? Feel a bit apprehensive at the start of the week? Most of us do. It is generally quite normal for working adults to feel this way, but if this feeling lasts the entire week, then you probably need to stop and shake things up a bit. Our cover story this month features habits of happy employees. We believe that happiness is a state of mind and hope that our tips will help you enjoy your work and become more productive.

Our Person in Focus this month is the inspirational Liz Murray, a woman who turned her fate around despite tremendous odds. Read her motivational story and learn how she went from the streets of New York to the Halls of Harvard. In World Events we take a look at the glittering Cannes Film Festival and its historic development from being a social event to becoming a legendary media buzzing red carpet occasion.

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