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Gil Carvalho
PHD IN BIOLOGY, United states
Faculty Member from School of Natural Sciences

Gil Carvalho Teaching philosophy Serving as a teaching assistant at Caltech for 5 years allowed me to obtain first-hand experience and realize the extent of my interest in teaching. I believe in flexible, self-tailored learning, which is one thing that attracts me to the MUST model. The idea of breaking free from the traditional classroom format is something I am excited to contribute to. Besides having studied and taught in Europe and the US, I lived in South America and Africa growing up. This experience has prepared me well to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, which dovetails well with the MUST reality.

Teaching Experience:
Clinical Research Elective Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Cancer Policlinico Umberto I, Universit? La Sapienza, Rome, Italy Advisor: Arwin Dibra, MD Clinical Research - Anemia: Diagnosis and Treatment Fernando Fonseca General Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal Advisor: Jos? Santana, MD DHPLC Mutation Screening in Oncological Conditions Institute of Human Genetics, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany Advisor: Ursula Forster, MD Genomic Analysis Course Pasteur Institute, Paris, France Director: Bernard Dujon, PhD Molecular Biology of Aging Course Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA Directors: Gary Ruvkun, PhD and Steve Austad, PhD Highschool students: Ryan Tam (2004), Victor Hsu (2005), Elizabeth Mak (2007) ) Undergraduate-level classes: Bi9, Cell Biology, California Institute of Technology (2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007) Graduate-level classes: Bi250, Seminars in Biology, California Institute of Technology (2006 Undergraduate students: George Luo, California In

1996 - Moniz de Bettencourt Award in Physiology University of Lisbon Medical School 2001 - Erasmus Scholarship University of Lisbon Medical School 2002 - Pasteur Institute Alumni Association Scholarship Pasteur Institute 2003 - McCallum Fellowship California Institute of Technology 2003-2007 - Lawrence and Audrey Ferguson Fellowship California Institute of Technology 2006 - DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development in Genetics Genetics Society of America

Carvalho GB, Kapahi P, Benzer S. Compensatory ingestion upon dietary restriction in Drosophila melanogaster. Nat Methods 2005, 2(11):813-5. Carvalho GB, Kapahi P, Anderson DJ, Benzer S. Allocrine modulation of feeding behavior by the Sex Peptide of Drosophila. Curr. Biol. 2006, 16(7):692-6. Ja WW*, Carvalho GB* et al. Prandiology of Drosophila and the CAFE assay. PNAS 2007, 104(20):8253-6. Carvalho GB, Ja WW, Benzer S. Non-lethal PCR genotyping of single Drosophila. Biotechniques 2009, 46(4):312-4. Ja WW, Carvalho GB, Madrigal M, Roberts RW, Benzer S. The Drosophila G protein-coupled receptor, Methuselah, exhibits a promiscuous response to peptides. Protein Sci. 2009, 18(11):2203-8. Ja WW*, Carvalho GB* et al. Water- and nutrient-dependent effects of dietary restriction in Drosophila. PNAS 2009, 106(44):18633-7.




Educational Qualificaitons:

  • PHD IN BIOLOGY - United states

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