Better Tomorrow Program


Better Tomorrow is a MUST University's initiative taken in collaboration with various education ministries around the world. The purpose of this project is to promote quality education and to make it affordable and accessible to students globally. The initiative will go a long way towards enabling people from different walks of life—working adults, homeschooled students, job seekers, veterans and military personnel - to pursue a high-quality and internationally recognized education.


This program ensures that:

  • Quality education is accessible to all
  • Better employment opportunities
  • Higher professional literacy prevails
  • GDP and living standards improve across nations


Program Highlights

  • Access to Quality Education Worldwide

    Ministries that collaborate with MUST will be able to offer globally-recognized education, with more than 1,100 programs in 16 schools to their nationals. Dedicated online account areas will allow students to study anytime, anywhere.
  • Unparallel Affordability for Students & Ministry

    MUST will contribute 80% of the total funds required to educate the decided number of individuals, and the Ministry will provide 20% of the funds, so that students can study free of cost. MUST will bear major educational costs, enabling students to earn a degree without any financial burden.

  • Local Faculty

    MUST will recruit local teachers as they understand the education system of the region well and will be able to mentor students in their own languages. They will be responsible for improving understanding and building human capacity to take effective actions.
  • Native Education Counselors

    MUST University will hire dedicated native education counselors who will attend to the queries of students relating to career information and guidance, personal development and educational counseling.
  • Career Placement Services

    The Career Placement Office of the University will provide listings of corporations seeking applicants and resumes and personnel listings to the students. Employers and job seekers can use these services year-round.
  • Improvement in Living Standards

    With increased professional literacy, GDP of a country will get a significant boost. Also, it will have a spill-over effect on human, political, cultural, social and economic development..

Latest News & Updates

  • Quality Education for All
    13 countries are invited to Better tomorrow Program
  • MOU for Burundi
    Education Ministry of Burundi will be served MOU for Better Tomorrow Program

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