False Allegations against MUST University

MUST University's Defense

Through this web page, MUST University aims to elaborate and address false allegations and more importantly, the misinformation being spread in various online communities, blogs and forums. The perpetrators have been sought and distinguished by this inquiry for the benefit of our students, faculty members, partners and other stakeholders.

As a matter of policy, MUST University does not respond to these antics directly, but we believe it is our responsibility and right to inform and educate our stakeholders. Despite the technological advances made possible today, we need to come together to understand some of the negative aspects of the information age in order to deal with them effectively. Three of these aspects have been elaborated below:

  • Credibility of information on Blogs, Forums and Online Communities is unverified

    Any person can sign up on any web-site under any name and say anything about anyone without any supporting evidence. This makes it convenient for some competitors to 'install' comments and posts through social media or public relations (PR) agencies.

    Most PR companies today provide social media services for brand prominence on the Internet. Unfortunately, the PR services used by some of our competitors include an activity wherein numerous fake accounts are created to post inflammatory and fabricated information about their competitors (us).

    Our analysis revealed a high number of untrue statements are being passed about every institute in the virtual world. Moreover, the negative posts and comments always have a typical format that stands out: the first comment is usually a question with negative connotations mentioning the brand name; and the next few comments are in the form of complaints. Every time we try to resolve these complaints, but when we begin, we are unable to find these people in our student databases: every time they turn out to be dummy accounts created to spoil MUST University's reputation.

  • Positive brand equity can be used by bloggers and advertisers

    'MUST University', for example, is a keyword-phrase searched on popular search engines several hundred times every day. This entices a lot of people to create websites or web-pages relevant to the popular keyword-phrase in order to capitalize from the resulting traffic (extra visitors to their sites). When searchers land on these pages, websites display advertisements to earn revenues. Often, this monetization does not take morality into account, as we have noticed advertisements for online casinos on similar web pages where, clearly, the target market is composed of young students.

    Generally speaking, a negative post or comment about a brand with positive brand equity garners a lot of interest and attention. MUST University is just one of the many brand names that is exploited in this way just to increase advertising revenue for bloggers and advertisers.

  • Blackmail on the Internet is a sad reality

    Although there are many types and techniques of blackmailing on the Internet that have been discovered and dealt with, the most common way is to post libelous and defamatory content based on false information without supporting evidence, on relatively influential web-sites. Once a certain amount of negative impact has been created, the affected brand is offered an option to pay a "removal fee", which we consider to be blackmail. However, despite several blackmailing attempts, MUST University does not respond to these people as a matter of policy, because we believe this will only encourage such blackmailing attempts to continue.


MUST University is a reliable player in the education industry and worthy students should not deprive themselves of a MUST education because of misinformation spread on the Internet. Till the year 2011, the total number of students who had taken courses at MUST University exceeded 50,000, and the number of satisfied students continues to increase.

For the facts mentioned above, perpetrators try to associate 'MUST University' with negative keywords because such terms attract a wider audience. This is not unique to MUST University – a fact easy to demonstrate: enter any university or other brand name on any popular search engine and add a negative keyword with the name (such as 'scam' or 'complaint'); the search results will reveal the amount of negative hype created around each brand - often as a publicity stunt with ulterior motives.

MUST University policy does not allow us to reciprocate any defamation campaign launched against us, our students, our faculty members, our partners, or any other stakeholders. We believe our competitors also offer unique learning experiences and we recognize them, but we only compete with them in terms of our educational system, our quality of education, our faculty, and affordability – factors unique to MUST University only.

In the end, MUST University firmly believes the truth will prevail.

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